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Lori & Rescued Horse Anakin

Lori & Rescued Horse Anakin (tap to enlarge)

My name's Lori McMaster. I was born and raised here in the great Northwest. I've been around horses all my life. I've 4 horses and 3 dogs that share my home. I showed Quarter horse, Arabs, Tennessee Walker, Saddlebreds, Peruvian Paso's and Paso Finos. I spent 8 years under a professional trainer. In 1993 my husband and I single-handed our sailboat to Hawaii. We settled on Lanai and I worked for the Lanai Company. I helped manage the guest ranch. Lanai is a small island with no resident veterinarian. Our veterinarian would call - I performed the tasks. I did all the veterinarian duties for the ranch which had over 30 horses, foals and Draft horses. When I got back to the Northwest, I continued as a veterinary assistant.

I have a great love for horses. My heart's in rehab. I want to be able to help these amazing animals that GOD blessed our lives with. That's when I started my journey into massage and bodywork. I've studied massage for 5 years and continue enhancing my education and skills. I am licensed in both Equine and canine massage*. I am also trained and certified in Rehab, Maintenance, Sport massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release & Manual Ligament Therapy. This's such a rewarding field to offer horses and their owners. Often you see the results of Bodywork right away. Massage is so beneficial to the animal. It gives support to their systems and also helps prepare for an event.

My goal's to continue enhancing my craft and one day open a complete animal rehab center. This will take a village, but we'll get there.

*I was trained & certified through the Northwest School of Animal Massage (NWSAM). In order to practice I was tested for equine and canine massage through NBCAAM. I'm a certified Equi-Tape (kinesiology) therapist. I also do acupressure.